Can i pay for my car insurance weekly?

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    i am 20 years old and im finding it hard to get insured. is it possible for me to get insurance for a week and only use the car on the weeks that i insure it? it would work out cheaper for me that way because i would only pay insurance on the weeks i need the car... thanks
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    Does anyone know of an insurance company that would cover a-car for a newbie?
    Seeking cheap motor insurance Does anybody know of an insurance company that would guarantee a car to get a rookie? I'm looking at purchasing a car ASAP to get at work.
    Just how can we create medical care insurance work like auto insurance?
    Most people are acquainted with how motor insurance works. Its available to all. Its quite cheap. You ca n't be dropped by them from coverage even though you are a drunk driver. After you have an accident they dont raise you premiums a lot of. Why cannot healthcare be much more like Geico (insurance) and your local car restoration person (doctor) as well as the DMV (government help)?"
    Just how much could a 1 trillion pounds obligation plan cost-per month to get a fright transportation company?
    Im starting a hot shot trucking transportation business that is little. I must know how much a-1 or 2 million dollar coverage will surely cost me each month. Or what type of Insurance I'd need. I'll be hauling oilfield equipment, vehicles, tube, tanks, atmosphere followers, engines, such things as that."
    Insurance costs having a speeding citation that is compensated?
    Yesterday, I got my first speeding citation previously also it was a $120 citation. Since I was worried, I decided to spend the $120 there then. What will happen to my insurance costs? Since I have'm 18 and its particular my first-offense can they keep exactly the same? Likewise, I live-in Illinois and got the cotation if that assists. Please enable! Many thanks"
    "At what era (16-demise) do we spend the bottom overall sum for all our insurance, mixed?"
    For teens, particularly men, car insurance is quite costly. Proper 35-60, it costs less than for anyone 18-25. Also, for anybody under 25, it costs far more for men than for girls. Medical insurance is inexpensive for guys from 18-40 as well as for those girls from 18-40 who do not need maternity coverage. It is more costly for women who do require pregnancy coverage and for anyone 50-65. Should you combine the price of health insurance, automobile insurance, and other insurance, which demographic groups (age, gender, etc.) invest one of the most or least overall quantity on each of their insurance, mixed?"
    Cheap used inexpensive insurance and cars?
    I need a cheap used small car everyone have any ideas wherever it would not be false to acquire one.? Not autotrader because i cant exactly trust a randomer marketing a-car which is probly likely to break up 2 days later... Any suggestions of places or anything plz
    What is the best auto insurance price I - can enter Michigan?
    Iam 21 and I don't have any automobile history and I'm looking to purchase a Lincoln MKZ. I live-in the Detroit metropolitan area that is greater.
    "Could it be correct that the older the vehicle, the reduced the insurance price?"
    My father includes a car that is 4 years old, it's a subaru outback, with 200,000+miles about it (not really a typo, he drives it all within the eastern coast). Today might the insurance price(whole) be lower than basically purchased my own personal car that is used?"
    Car insurance problem?
    Her driving examination has been just handed by our girl in the united kingdom and her insurance costs have gone through the ceiling to the smallest car around. Is it feasible (and legitimate) to ensure her in Europe someplace on her to drive in britain for less income? Thanks
    Cheap car insurance in US for British permit driver?
    Should guarantee two vehicles in the US having a UK drivers license. Three rates to date all-over $1500 for six months!! Anybody know of a good company. who can do cheaper--MUCH cheaper. For not having US drivers, being penalised license."
    Medical Insurance for a family of 4?? Support?
    Assist......I need health Insurance for a group of 4... I dont work and my manis Organization doesnt Offer medical health insurance...We've 2 little Kids ages 4 and 3.we need health insurance to get a group of 4 we live-in florida between sacramento and san francisco bay area...Can anybody assist me by telling me who they utilize? and exactly what do i expect to buy a family of 4
    If somebody strikes me do a state files along with his insurance company or mine?
    on new years eve a man supported into my car, I'm kind of behind and beginning to eventually can get on it, whenever we called state park (my firm) they explained it would produce our charges rise because we were declaring with them, do I've to call his insurance company or quarry? And it is there a certain amount of time i have to report a claim?"
    How to stop a Vehicle Insurance?
    I simply got my vehicle and I do have a full-coverage insurance because of it. I've a 2000 Dodge Neon and I am twenty years old. My insurance carrier is called Insurance Doctor, and I am paying them 250 a month(that is pretty damn superior for my age). But I was thinking HOW much it would cost a-car insurance to be canceled by me? and move to my mommyis Insurance account?"
    "No insurance, need Jaw Surgery. Low-Income, [Best] advice please.?"
    I would like Jaw Surgery, and have no insurance. I am from low income. From online readings, I heard you will get it-done for-free at UCSF, but there's a waiting range?? Unsure about that. If have to pay, I observed 5k-7k with insurance. I actually donot have insurance, and I-don't wish to spend kaiser $ 150, if I were to obtain it. What is your [best] assistance?? Thanks a great deal!"
    How much does car insurance cost per month?
    I am turning 16 and obtaining my certificate and should tart saving up. IDK if it matters but this can be my vehicle: 2000 Mazda 626
    Simply how much lifeinsurance should we've on eachother at our age?
    My husband is 27 turning 28, I'm 24 turning 25. We possess roughly 98,000 onto it is owed by a house have two kids. No personal credit card debt at all. (don't have any cards) Our cars are 2000 far from being paid down so I do not think that ought to be decided in whatsoever. I have 100 and 150,000 on me. I got more since he has no family here basically passed on but I assumed because I stay at home and he would must discover daycare and even though my family ofcourse may help him and all he would require more. Our sister said I should take atleast 2x my pay out off on my property to ensure that I really could pay down it have to caring for a home hold alone until the guardian left might settle in 100 to include fiscal issues. Would you agree? Must our policies are increased by us? I recently have no idea... it is hard to think of these specific things but I do want to make certain that if among us expire my loved ones is likely to be looked after and not need to worry about income."
    UK Car insurance in between switching vehicles?
    To preserve things simple I am calling the present automobile I have the new car as Automobile T along with Auto A. I've insurance that goes on AUTOMOBILE A in 2 weeks occasion that I want to continue the premise that by cancelling the insurance, I-donot need to eliminate my no claims advantage for this current-year. I had been about to change cars in 2 weeks anyway but have found AUTO N at a really competitive cost with all the current accessories I want. (Vehicle N comes taxed and MOTd). I currently cant change my coverage from auto A to auto N whilst the company says the update will increase my premium to over 2000 only for the remaining 2 weeks! So I am unable to get temporary auto insurance both I am a driver. Our concern is what are my possibilities besides simply obtaining vehicle T today and allowing it to take a seat on the garage for just two months waiting for my recent policy to terminate? it possible to obtain insurance on automobile B without NCB currently and incorporate ncb 2 months following the coverage has started? Every other loop-holes you smart poeple could think of?"
    Simply how much serving it cost to rent a car in NYC for a week (including insurance?)?
    Just how much amount it cost to rentacar in NY to get a week (including insurance?)?
    Howmuch does an apartment insurance in Newyork expense?
    What would it not roughly charge to have a half-million dollar house insuranced in Newyork, per month?"
    "In Connecticut, Return Permit dishes first? or stop motor insurance first?"
    ANYONE WHO KNOWS POLICIES & ABOUT CONNECTICUT DMV! HELLO, I am looking to take my vehicle from my insurance, do i return the dishes or conclusion insurance first???? helppppp"
    Cheap auto insurance for driver?
    I had been just questioning of anyone knows of an insurance company that may cover new individuals to get a low priced. I understand it really is hard since it always costs more to ensure younger owners as a result of likely engine of them engaging in an accident to find. I don't have my certificate however, but can have it believed by August of 2013, at that time I'm going to be 17. So I would require the insurance at that time I'm likely to get my permit sometime in Jan."
    Am I still on my parents' insurance given that I am a part-time pupil?
    I get prescription drugs and that I actually need insurance, although I had forgot about this before I created my routine and it's really too late to incorporate sessions! I request this since my step father asked for confirmation that I am a full-time pupil (I guess he didn't understand I was only part time) and I was like.Iam not fulltime anymore! Tomorrow, I've a doctors appointment. How convenient. I explored online and obviously underneath the Economical Care Work I'm still suitable. Why is BCBS still requesting affirmation, but when I am still suitable? I checked out the BCBS of Mississippi site but I couldnot find anything. I'm so confused and I can't afford to get rid of this insurance! Thanks for any help guys."
    Can Cancer people possess the life insurance? ?
    How is it possible cancer people finding life insurance...
    Insurance questions: Allstate Insurance?
    And so I got in an auto accident a week ago, other partyis at-fault, he don't have any insurance, currently, a guy calling from all-state requesting me issues and have it documented or anything, and so I told him to contact and speak with my lawyer, he called again stating that he have permission to keep in touch with me, i told him inform my attorney to call me d tell me that. I have any experience in how insurance firms function or never been in a vehicle accident so far, I am onli 19. Do the insurance company typically call and have you is it or questions about the episode all a hoax to acquire my declaration noted? Cause i have only a little suspicion about this gentleman. I imagined everything are designed for with my attorney right,? and u do not have to accomplish something."
    That is the most effective auto insurance insurance for an affordable price?
    Today I am covered with Allstate. I'm under an Allstate strategy called the platinum security program in if you have a collision, which I'll be eligible for a fresh automobile. I believe I am paying a liitle too much for auto insurance. I've a 2004 Honda civic as well as a 2006 Honda civic. Both vehicles has full coverage. Does a two year old vehicle need full-coverage. I am a safe-driver therefore far there has been no incidents. But two-times someone arrived and struck my older automobile and both times the damage was included beneath the insurance of the different party. Is comprehensive coverage enough for me personally or can it be recommended to retain the entire protection. Any recommendation."
    Can i pay for my car insurance weekly?
    i am 20 years old and im finding it hard to get insured. is it possible for me to get insurance for a week and only use the car on the weeks that i insure it? it would work out cheaper for me that way because i would only pay insurance on the weeks i need the car... thanks
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    Bike insurance for new driver?
    Hi, im 19 and also have 4 years clean car experience. I want to obtain the cheapest insurance over a suzuki sv650 and got a m1 yesterday. i called around to a couple sites like statefarm but either im too young for their coverage, dont have sufficient decades operating knowledge, or perhaps the prices are about 5 grand annually...which is not an alternative as im a simply working 1 day a week, that and that I don't be utilising the bike that often. Help me out people!"
    Motor insurance question? Under parents name?
    Hello all, I got my drivers permit once I am currently looking to purchase a vehicle, and turned 17. I am looking at a Foxbody mustang 5.0. I can push, I seldom speed, when I do, its on an empty street at the center of the night time before the omg 17 obtain a social responses. I learn how to manage acar, don't attempt to persuade me otherwise and have course experience. Today, my problem. Naturally mustang insurance to get a 17yr old is likely to be nuts, but today I'm on my parents insurance coverage so I - can generate their automobile(1 car household), and a friend of mine told me I could only insure my car under my father's label and declare that I drive it occasionally. So I understand I can maintain my dad could be the principal driver and I'm just an unexpected driver, but when I'm actually the only person who is driving it, and one does happen where I enter a collision or obtain a solution, what could happen? Would I be covered in case there is a collision? Could they say no rather than whenever they learn I am the principal driver, cover me? I'd be the individual operating it dad can't also push a stay, so Iam thinking not or if this can be perhaps probable. Cheers."
    Insurance quetsion?
    i was in an accident totally another people fault (she accepted to it). My vehicle has broken front bumper and headlight as well as other material around those areas. it appears like nothing important. I visited the hospital one-time they claimed i had ligaments and my muscles in my throat strectched. Im attempting to found out is that enough trips for me personally to get an arrangement that is somewhat reasonable. Im nt ready to attend the physician because i perform i will be dismissed or constantly a icant take time off. her insurance is state park. To the average how much could I get???(discomfort and suffering)
    Question about university medical health insurance?
    If my present medical insurance is currently expiring this end-of November, am I ready to Opt Out of the college health insurance for this slide and reapply for your university health insurance for your spring period--merely to conserve money?"
    "How will you obtain a car without insurance, and the way can you get insuracnce with-out a car?"
    I left my insurace noe I want to get insurance, and expire, but I donot know what car I am likely to get, thus which comes first, the insurance or perhaps the auto?"
    Do I be on my mommy insurance?
    Do I gotta be on my mother insurance to obtain my permit... I'm 17
    Is car insurance cheaper for older cars?
    Well i have a 2007 Nissan Altima and that I spend $ month, and that I was attempting to by an camper van to live in. Would my insurance be cheaper around the vehicle?"
    "First car what should i get for like a money saver at the pump, and any ways to spend less ]?"
    And so I wanna understand how much to save lots of up= im converting 16 in a couple months and I will undoubtedly be obtaining a 7$ and time task ]"
    Best Car Insurance Company For A 29yr Old Automobile?
    I live-in the united kingdom, and own an old 3 door Range Rover -- 1000 miles, 3.5ltr, manual, gasoline, bull-bars, simply that is social decades max. Could anyone know a good insurance carrier - maybe classic insurance - that will offer a great quote? Thanks"
    Ninja 250 insurance question?
    Im 16 im looking to get a ninja 250 from 2000 and require full coverage insurance. I hear the insurance is all about 200-300 per year? Why not monthly and yearly insurance obligations like my vehicle?"
    Insurance For Auto (New Teen Boy Driver)?
    Whats the lowest priced strategy while still receiving protection that is good in case there is accidents to insure a-car. I am receiving my permit soon and I was thinking whats the cheapest choices for insurance. I noticed I will be placed directly under my guardian's consideration? I also heard that if insurance is paid by me under my own thing its like 2000... I live-in california and that I have great marks (if that assists).any perception could be loved:)"
    Could I stay at age 25 on my guardianis motor insurance?
    I will be transforming 25 in a number of days if insurance providers enable you to remain on your parents motor insurance at that era and I was wondering. And so I dwell beneath the same roof, I shifted back home about 2 years before to complete my degree. My guardian's motor insurance is state farm."
    Can a Canadian Citizen buy auto insurance in America and how?
    Is it feasible for a canadian person to buy motor insurance in the USA, if therefore, how does he accomplish that? That I reside in europe and my brother lives in the US, because it is cheaper, I do want to get car insurance from America. Is is it and the fact that probable legitimate?"
    Would it cost alot to incorporate another weekend car?
    I'm hoping to get a blazer from the 70is that are later to take out about the breaks to-go rompin' and 4x4ing, wouldn't it cost alot to include it? As it is not my everyday driver auto, would there be a discount?"
    Howmuch could an urgent care visit charge without having insurance for strep throat?
    I live-in Florida. I understand that and so I should visit critical care, OTC don't work to cure this. I'm most likely planning to visit please!"
    17-year old-looking to purchase a car (what cars are cost effective to insure)?
    hey since the name claims what automobiles are cost effective to guarantee and duty etc please declare the make as i dont have a clue by what makes of vehicles and stuff, favor a-4 door as got a youngster therefore it is going to be simpler getting into and out with the carseat, thanks"
    Forms of auto insurances?
    Varieties of car insurances available?
    Just how much does sr 22 insurance cost for a DUI confidence while in TN's state?
    Just wished to know if anybody knew what I am considering to fund this to obtain a lisence that was restricted since i couldnt believe it is on the interet"
    Whats the least expensive insurance carrier?
    I need to recognize the least expensive motor insurance touse? I am an 18 b/o female simple living in Portland,OR I finished Ive never been in a car accident I got owners Ed the vehicle...display more"
    Just how much might motor insurance be for a 19-year old?
    I recently got my permit and I realize that motor insurance could not be really cheap for people that were younger. I had been wondering if you have any cheap insurance company? I'd love to spend a maximum of $100, is that this possible? Any inside from individual experiences?"
    What is a new being sold by the Main Benefit Of an insurance provider for previous Plan?
    And... Why is it very important to them to have the right hold... I'm revising and my mind moved bare, although I know a few factors! Please could somebody help? I'm generally greatly about the ball. But its just left me! Thank you"
    Do you have Motor Insurance Charges that are excellent?
    I was just wondering if anyone available had assistance for protection good motor insurance prices